din-profile-cactus-100This site is curated by Uptones founder and East Bay musician Eric Din. It reflects his sensibilities and the music he’s helped make during his lifetime. Besides the great music Eric has on his site, you’ll find insights from a devoted music maker.

Joel-Selvin-100pxA tremendous resource of San Francisco musical history, this site is hosted by renown author and former beat writer and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, Joel Selvin. Excepts from his many books, links to his Chronicle stories and podcasts of his radio show “Selvin on the City” are all on this wonderful music site.

Son-Of-Pete-label-100pxThis site is a blog about music from the perspective of independent record company founder and hit producer, Matthew King Kaufman. Matthew has made scores of significant recordings as the record producer for Beserkley Records, which had international hit recordings with Jonathan Richman and Greg Kihn.

pss-les-pauls-100Lou Parmelee, ultimate guitar roadie and tech wizard, has created the complete guitar and guitar accessory web site. His mission is simple: to bring you the most comprehensive guitar resource on the web. It is!