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Mickey Mouse enters the Public Domain in 2024. Watch out, get a lawyer.

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Bob Iger, what’s up? Lawyers ask “You could have done this earlier. Why didn’t you?”  I don’t have the $ to compete with the latest twist. The extension of the public domain law proved unnecessary. Lost Mickey? Steamboat Willie, not Mickey Mouse as we know him, enters the public domain in 2024 finally. No Sonny or  pols to do your bidding? While this copyright may be up, Disney still holds the trademark on Mickey as a “corporate mascot and identifier.” What does that mean?


1927 was a good year for the recordings!  January 1 is the day all the copyrights created in 95 year ago expire.  The record machine which is older was invented to the betterment of mankind. Music spreads like a disease, but doesn’t kill.  Records became the great equaliser.  Musicians from all over the world learn techniques and music from records. Because most of the modern records.  music could be spread by” listening only” in an era that required reading to master music. It’s as significant as the -0s and 1s of digitized world, These records , which are portable and available to anyone who had functioning ears. So i think 1927 was so important. This became the end of this practice with hit records not songs.


“The End Poem” the end of the game when and if you kill the dragon, was placed in the public domain by Julian Gough via twitter. Public domain is tricky .The placing of anything in the public domain requires the artist to place the work in the public domain As it turns out Julian had no contract with Microsoft or the game’s owner about the poem and contributed it to the public forever. Public Domain made this possible because of contracts Irene had to use an alias to record. You can hear Blake’s vocals in the background.

St. Louis raised Irene Scruggs’ amazing vocals come alive in ” Married Man Blues.”  Scruggs blends beautifully with the strumming of Blind Blake’s guitar in this 1930 recording that was never released on 78.  Known for her alluring voice and raunchy/sexy blues sensibilities, her voice tunes with the music in such a way that you just feel her passion. Scruggs is a definite female blues recording artist that time has proven worthy Enjoy 🙂




Jazz greats have to start somewhere, Louie Armstrong started here. Joseph Nathan Oliver, known as King Oliver, an excellent coronet player himself, gave Louis his 1st entertainment job in his creole band, took him under his wings, and taught him the music biz ropes. Tim Gracyk has made a sensational YouTube post of this song, and it includes some gr8 old images. I encourage you to expand your music horizons and give a listen.