Piano Blues | Public Domain 4U

Will Shade – “Better Leave That Stuff Alone”

Jug music pioneer and Memphis blues great Will Shade created most of his over 100 recorded sides as leader of the Memphis Jug Band. But he also created a few solo tracks along the way, including this piano blues gem called “Better Leave That Stuff Alone.” A classic 78 RPM record with a timeless message.

Cecil Gant – “I Wonder”

I Wonder” was pre-war pianist and blues singer Cecil Gant’s first single. Released on Oakland’s Gilt-Edge Records, “I Wonder” is a romantic pop-tinged ballad which topped the R&B charts despite a wartime shellac shortage that hit tiny independent companies like Gilt-Edge particularly hard. Grab a glass of wine, cozy up with your lover, and let the beautiful voice of Cecil Gant remind you of what’s really important in life.