Oratorio Chorus - George Frideric Handel's "Hallelujah chorus - Messiah" - Public Domain 4U

Oratorio Chorus – George Frideric Handel’s “Hallelujah chorus – Messiah”

by | May 14, 2013 | Free Listen

Here is a fantastic early recording of the Hallelujah chorus, from Handel’s Messiah. Originally released on Edison Diamond Disc, (a format which pre-dated even the 78 RMP record!) this remarkable performance by a virtuoso oratorio chorus from 1916 is now available for us to enjoy as an mp3. George Frideric Handel could scarcely have known when he composed this masterpiece in 1741, that it would ever be recorded in any audio format – after all, they didn’t even have electricity yet! I expect he would be amused and delighted to know that anyone in the world can listen to this now.

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