Bogus Ben Covington – “Adam And Eve In The Garden” | Public Domain 4U

Bogus Ben Covington – “Adam And Eve In The Garden”

by | Feb 16, 2015 | Free Listen

CranachAdamEveCrop250pxLegend has it that “Bogus” Ben Covington earned his title by pretending to be a blind man on the minstrel circuit. Very little is known about Ben Covington, but it is also suspected he and Ben Curry, who recorded one of the earliest versions of the Dirty Dozens, were one and the same person. Convington was also known as “The Human Pretzel.” With so many monickers, who needs a definitive bio? Bogus Ben Covington’s blues reflections on “Adam And Eve In The Garden” were not your average Sunday School fare! Just a banjo, a fiddle, and Bogus Ben’s distinctive voice. Enjoy!


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