Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley – “Every Day In The Week Blues”

In the early 1960s Syd Barrett grafted Pink Anderson’s first name with another bluesman (Floyd Council), to form the name of Pink Floyd. Two decades before Barrett was born, Columbia Records recorded two 78’s with Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley in 1928. This upbeat number features a humorous back and forth chatter between Pink Anderson and Simmie Dooley, both playing guitar and singing verses. This is a great tune that deserves to be heard, and we’re lucky to have a nice clean MP3 of it, too.

Caldwell Mississippi Bracey – “You Scolded Me and Drove Me From Your Door”

Another rare treat for fans of the deep, deep Mississippi blues sound. Caldwell Mississippi Bracey had a loose, magnificently lazy guitar hand, and one of the warmest voices of his time. “You Scolded Me And Drove Me From Your Door” is one of only four sides Caldwell is known to have recorded. It’s such a great track. Have a listen.

Oscar “Buddy” Woods – “Don’t Sell It, Don’t Give It Away”

Oscar “Buddy” Woods was a member of the first mixed-race country blues group, and a pioneer of lap-steel-bottleneck blues. He composed music through the Harlem Renaissance and through Prohibition. “Don’t Sell it, Don’t Give it Away,” Woods’ signature tune, is an upbeat good old-fashioned break-up number that swings, big time. Clean mp3 of the original vinyl. A true gem.