Bessie Smith – “Muddy Water Mississippi Moan”

Composed in the Spring of 1927 during The Great Mississippi Flood, “Muddy Water Mississippi Moan” was soon recorded by the great Bessie Smith for this classic version. Smith’s pure and plaintif vocal is brilliantly accompanied by a small, live jazz combo. You’ll note the mp3 is as clean as a whistle, thanks to a well-preserved master recording, and an expert transfer to digital. This puts you right in the room during a great moment in early recorded American music.

Duke Ellington – “Jubilee Stomp”

This up-beat instrumental by Duke Ellington was recorded in 1928. “Jubilee Stomp” cooks from beginning to end, carrying with it all the energy and rhythm of urban America in the Roaring ’20s. This well mastered mp3 delivers the warmth and sparkle of the original 78 RPM release.

Victoria Spivey – “Dope Head Blues”

Victoria Spivey’s recording career spanned nearly five decades, starting in 1926. She sang with numerous greats including Louis Armstrong and Bob Dylan. Spivey also had a successful vaudeville career along with her sister, Addie “Sweet Pease” Spivey, and in 1962 she founded her own recording label, Spivey Records. The vocals on “Dope Head Blues” will give you chills, and the accompaniment is just brilliant. Give the guitarist a medal for that crazy interpretive work here – wow!