Asa Martin – “She Ain’t Built That Way”

Old Time Music legend Asa Martin delivers a tongue-in-cheek tune about the perplexing ways of women. As Martin straight-faces these lyric without a shred of guilt in his drawl, his one-liners pile up to what would drive a modern-day woman out of her working shoes. I’m gonna take the fifth amendment on this particular topic and hope that you get a good tickle out of this mp3. Great mandolin and guitar pickin’ on this track, copied from an old 78 RPM record and free for ya’ll to enjoy.

The Dixon Brothers – “Intoxicated Rat”

South Carolina brothers Dorsey and Howard Dixon worked for many years in Carolina textile mills, and some of their original compositions were sung by striking mill workers during labor disputes in the early 1930’s. This earned them the nickname “hillbilly communists” among the local authorities. RCA Victor Records saw fit to record the rabble-rousing duo, and they released over fifty sides in their time. “Intoxicated Rat” features The Dixon Brothers’ easy vocal harmonies and trademark slide guitar style.

Burnett And Rutherford – “Ladies On The Steamboat”

Born in 1883, Kentucky native Dick Burnett started singing when he was just four years old. He mastered the dulcimer, banjo and fiddle by the age of thirteen. Burnett wrote the great ballad “Man Of Constant Sorrow” which was later covered by Bob Dylan and featured in the hit movie, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” Dick Burnett often recorded and performed with his young protege and fiddle student, Leon Rutherford. Here they are together, on a smokin’ 78RPM side they made for Columbia Records, “Ladies On The Steamboat.”

The Carter Family – “Wildwood Flower”

The Carter Family were the first Country Music singing stars, and in fact they were among the very first recording artists, in any style. Their magnificent performance of the American classic, “Wildwood Flower” was captured at Victor Records’ Camden, New Jersey studio, on May 27, 1928. Originally penned in 1860 by Maud Irving and Joseph Philbrick Webster, the song has been covered by June Carter, Iris DeMent, Joan Baez, and too many others to list here. This clean MP3 from the original 78RPM vinyl is yours to enjoy.

Lydia Mendoza – “Los Besos De Mi Negra”

Tejano music pioneer Lydia Mendoza’s magnificent voice is complimented here by a lone twelve-string guitar. Sung in Spanish, “Los Besos De Mi Negra” (The Kisses Of My Dark Woman) is a dark ballad of betrayal and heartbreak. This classic recording helped set the stage for Mendoza’s remarkable career, and helped forge a genre of music which remains hugely popular today.


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Jimmy Davis – “She’s A Hum Dum Dinger”

She’s A Hum Dum Dinger from Dingersville. What more do you need to know about my baby? Oh my Lord I love this song.  A fine bit of steel string pickin’ folk blues to take you right out of the hustle and bustle of today’s wacky world. Play this for your honey.

Fiddlin Frank Nelson – “Buck Creek Gal”

Fiddlin Frank Nelson was a moniker used by the great southern fiddler, Doc Roberts. Doc was a farmer first and a musician in his spare time. Although he only played and recorded on weekends, he cut over 70 sides! “Buck Creek Gal” is an upbeat number, and you can hear how his style influenced early country music. Unpretentious and infectious, this is some pure old time instrumental hillbilly music fun.

Memphis Jug Band – “Stealin’ Stealin'”

An American music institution, The Memphis Jug Band was active from the 1920’s all the way through the late 1950’s. Their repertoire over the years encompassed a wide variety of styles – folk, ballads, blues and jazz – and of course, jug music! “Stealin’ Stealin'” was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1928, with bandleader Will Shade presiding on harmonica. A great track from the early stages of this storied band, from the vinyl 78RPM to your eardrums in hi-res mp3 format.

Gene Autry – “The Girl I Left Behind”

Gene Autry, if you have forgotten, recorded and wrote hundreds of songs. He was, and still is, America’s most successful singing cowboy. Was cast in 93 movies, and starred in 91 television productions. Ring a bell? Well here he is again lamenting for us all about the girl he left behind. A gem in the MP3 treasure chest. Enjoy!