Bo Carter – “Corrine Corrina”

In 1928, Bo Carter recorded this (the original) version of “Corrine, Corrina,” which later became a hit for Big Joe Turner. The general consensus is Bo Carter (born Armenter Chatmon) had the dirtiest mind in all of blues, recording various sexually charged songs, like “Banana in Your Fruit Basket.” To this day his character is … Continue reading “Bo Carter – “Corrine Corrina””

“You Are My Sunshine” as performed by Wilf Carter

“You Are My Sunshine” is an example of country music’s large contribution to American music. This version shows off the song’s country roots. The tune was made popular by Jimmie Davis, who would later became governor of Lousiana. The song was written by a Paul Rice, but the songwriting was credited to the Jimmie Davis … Continue reading ““You Are My Sunshine” as performed by Wilf Carter”

Mississippi Sheiks – “She’s Crazy ‘Bout Her Lovin'”

The Mississippi Sheiks were a popular fiddle and guitar group in the 1930s. There is no denying their influence on early rock n’ roll when you listen to “Crazy ‘Bout her Lovin’.” The Sheiks and singer Bo Carter were known for the often clever sexual innuendos peppered throughout their lyrics. “Crazy bout her Lovin’” is … Continue reading “Mississippi Sheiks – “She’s Crazy ‘Bout Her Lovin’””

The Mississippi Sheiks – “Please Baby”

The Mississippi Sheiks from Bolton, Mississippi were a popular band in their time, and their recorded songs have been covered by an impressive list of artists that includes Howlin’ Wolf, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Harry Belafonte and Bob Dylan. Three of the Sheiks were brothers Lonnie, Sam, and Armenter Chatmon, the latter of whom … Continue reading “The Mississippi Sheiks – “Please Baby””

Mississippi Sheiks – “Still I’m Travelling On”

The Mississippi Sheiks were well known in their time, throughout the Mississippi Delta. Armenter “Bo” Carter is probably the most famous of the family group. He was influential to such artists such as: Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, Harry Bellafonte and even the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan. Here’s an amazing slice of vintage American music, … Continue reading “Mississippi Sheiks – “Still I’m Travelling On””