Memphis Jug Band – “Stealin’ Stealin'”

An American music institution, The Memphis Jug Band was active from the 1920’s all the way through the late 1950’s. Their repertoire over the years encompassed a wide variety of styles – folk, ballads, blues and jazz – and of course, jug music! “Stealin’ Stealin'” was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1928, with bandleader Will Shade presiding on harmonica. A great track from the early stages of this storied band, from the vinyl 78RPM to your eardrums in hi-res mp3 format.

Charley Patton – “Poor Me”

It is impossible to overstate the importance of Charley Patton’s music and its lasting influence. Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker and other key figures in American music were directly and profoundly inspired by Patton in his lifetime. This recording of his own “Poor Me” – made shortly before his passing in 1934, captures Charley Patton’s masterful guitar technique and unique vocal style in a sublime solo performance.

Ora Alexander – “You’ve Got To Save That Thing”

Ora Alexander was a blues singer and Vaudeville performer who recorded for Columbia Records in the early 1930’s. “You’ve Got To Save That Thing,” one of her better known tracks, is a definitive slice of the Vaudeville Blues genre. The performance just plain rocks, with raw accompaniment in the barrelhouse style, and a blistering vocal that would bring the house down in any nightspot today. Judging from the hoots and hollers, those present at this recording session couldn’t contain their enthusiasm! Well neither can we.